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Have you ever heard about the MASTERS TEAM SLOVAKIA?

And did you hear that in 2016, a match took place in Myjava between the teams of Slovakia and Czech Republic? Or that in 2017, another match took place in Trnava’s City Arena between Slovakia and Spain?

SPORT legal, s.r.o. o.i. as a publisher of the Sport Legends Edition does not want to be a simple publisher of books that will be unveiled in some bookstore with just champagne or grass. Our vision is different. You might have noticed that we launch our books differently. But there are some books that require something a little extra. If it is possible and more importantly, if there is a will, we will add that something extra to the book launch… We will play an exhibition match or organize a tournament.

We have asked former football players if they would like to play in such matches. They did and so we have invited our guests. Players who have already ended their professional career and are over the age of 35. Players from the Masters category.

This has nothing to do with the Slovak Football Association or other organizations. This is a private activity of SPORT legal, s.r.o.


Naturally, our first match was against the national team of our closest neighbors, in May 2016.

SLOVAKIA – CZECH REPUBLIC with a 2:2 result. 
On this occasion, we have launched the book "Zlatý Belehrad ´76" (Golden Belgrade ’76).

We have played our second match against the Spanish national team, in May 2017. AEDFI

SLOVAKIA - SPAIN with a 2:2 result.
On this occasion, we have launched the book " Ferdinand Daučík - Útek na lavičku Barcelony" (Ferdinand Daučík – Escape to Barcelona’s bench).


Who did we invite to play on our team? Which players from the guest team honored us with their visit?

Take a look at the lineups from each match.